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Qin'an Quality System Basics Directory Released & Implemented

Publisher: time:2017/4/7 14:55:32

Qin'an Quality System Basics Directory Pocketbook (Version: A/0) was released and implemented companywide on 30rd March 2017. Based on the quality system standards of 16949 and our customers’ specific requirements as well as our company actual quality management operation practices in product R&D planning, manufacturing process control, quality control, this pocket book was compiled with plentiful charts, diagrams, matrix, pictures and sketches along with condensed wording to convey the abstract quality system requirements into a more comprehensible and easier implementable way for our staff members to follow and carry through in their actual daily operations.

Herewith, we would like very much to extend our gratitude to our colleagues from the departments of quality, technology and production for all their dedicated efforts taken and pains taking work contributed to the compiling of this pocket book.