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Ford TDE AP Chief Engineer Mr. David Capoccia & Team Visited Qin'an

Publisher: time:2017/4/20 17:53:26

Ford TDE AP Chief Engineer Mr. David Capoccia, along with Ford Motor Research & Engineering (Nanjing) team and CAF PD team visited Qinán HPDC parts production lines for programs review.

Mr. David Capoccia and the team toured both the HPDC workshop and machining workshop focusing on Trans. Case/Conv. Housing mass production lines; also with Qin'an team together had an in-depth review and detailed discussion for the new programs regarding the development processes for casting/cubing/finish machining and milestones/Timing/ for the coming Trans. Case/Conv. Housing under development.

Mr. David Capoccia spoke highly of Qin'an capabilities as a professional practioner of this industry.