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Qin'an 6-Sigma Training/Application Session Well on Its Way

Publisher: time:2017/4/21 17:36:32

Great efforts in pushing 6-Sigma problem-solving methods and application in daily operation is one of the critical targets in quality improvement of 2017. The 6-Sigma Training Session phase one, as started on March 4, 2017, was completed. Through 40 class hours training, the 6-Sigma teams mastered the basic theories of 6-Sigma. The Followed-up phase two Green Belt programs has been kicked-off as a combination of theories and practices.   

The 6-Sigma teams are the key members from quality, technique and manufacturing of our company; a couple of high level management staff also joined Green Belt programs. The 6-Sigma training/coaching session received strong supporting from CAF STA manager Mr. Wang Cheng (Black Belt Master) and STA Mr. Hu Bin (Black Belt Master), who are of rich hands-on experiences in this industrial as well as overall understanding of our operation practices, therefore the training and coaching are more focused on the relevance of practices. The dynamic theories/Application training/coaching will be of a great propelling force in building up our lean management team with 6-Sigma strengths.