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Y'2016 "Qin'an Constructive Proposals Campaign"Summing-up

Publisher: time:2017/4/21 17:45:17

"Qin'an Y'2016 Constructive Proposals Campaign" Summing-up & Commendation Meeting was held on 13 April 2017, all the remarkable work teams and outstanding individual staffs during the “Constructive Proposal Campaign” were commended and awarded.

The Y'2016 Constructive Proposals Campaign received wide active participations from the company staffs with constructive proposals; most of them are from our manufacture sectors and production lines, based on their daily working observations, learnings and practices, they proposed numerous feasible proposals and implementing practices. All the proposals were evaluated by a multi-functional team from technical, quality and manufacturing, finally some 29 constructive proposals were recognized as highly effective implementations and awards-winners.

"Qin'an Y'2017 Constructive Proposals Campaign" has been quite on its way to further enable initiatives from our staffs’ participating in management with innovative thinking.